H1 D1 Indicators

I have seen numerous mentions of the H1 and D1 indicators on these forums but have been unable to determine exactly what they are. From what I can tell they are momentum indicators but I am interested in learning more about them and how they work. Can anyone point me in the direction of some information on them?

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is that what you are looking for

H1 = 1 hour chart, D1 = daily chart. Also M15 = 15 minute chart,
M30 etc, all these can be found at the top of a metatrader4 platform.

For a list of indicators see below.

Technical Indicators and Overlays - StockCharts.com

All of which can be applied to the D1, H4, H1 etc. charts.

You can get indikator free on babypips in never loose again thread.

Odder indikator with h1 d1.