Halfway Dashboard Users Journal ~ by Vigovski

Hello All Welcome to my thread :57:.
Im inviting all of my dashboard users to posting their entries with me below this thread…

I will post my charts for illuminate your questions and creating future reference to use dashboard and half weeklys properly.

I will try to share my own tricks and explain how i trade using this indicators.

For people who don’t know me ,

My name is Roman Vigovski my trading style based on
-Currency strength,
-Avarage daily and weekly calculations
-Quantitative algorithms and Technical analysis.

I will share my entries I will look only for 20 pips for each trade and lock them with trailing stop loss.
I will share my entries with charts and explenations included dashboard screens…

Special thanks to my [B][I]Mentor DXanatos[/I][/B] for teaching me all of this things.

Lets Make some Pips !


Entry According to daily avarage breakout and High points from Dashboard.

Trend indicator opened Mouth And Dashboard shows nice signs for bearish Move with Strong Points.
In this kind of situations i respect Daily breakout and taking entries +20 Pip Booked.

hello, how do we get the dashboard

I think you might not get a reply. Vigovski posted this over 7 years ago and only ever made these two posts, and has not been seen here since - but, who knows, you might be pleasantly surprised… :+1: :slightly_smiling_face: