Happy to be here!

Hi guys, I’m Charles from Nigeria and I am glad to be here. Hoping to share my trading experiences and to learn!!

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Nice to meet you Charles!

You say you have trading experiences to share? I would love to here some starting off with how you began trading.

Welcome aboard! :beers: :beers:

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Welcome Charles.

I wish you luck in your trading journey.

Welcome on board Charles.

Hope to to see more of you here, and hopefully your growth.

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Hi all.
My name is Gilbert.
I’m glad to join your forum.

Welcoooome! :blush: Good luck on your trading journey! :smiley: If you have any questions while reading the school, don’t be shy and just ask away! :smiley:

Hi Charles! Welcome! We’re all looking forward to hearing about your trading experiences. Good luck on your trading journey!

Hello Gilbert! Welcome too! Are you new to trading, or do you have some experience as a trader already?

Yes. Certainly. Thank you very much.

I have some trading experience, but it is not very successful.

Hi Charles! Welcome! How is it going? Hope all is well and good luck on your trading journey!

Hello Gilbert! Welcome! You’ll learn so much from all the free resources here. Good luck!

Welcome Charles! How did you discover this forum? :slight_smile: