Happy Trading to all at babypips

I am new to forex but have been trading futures emini’s and micros and equity options for a little bit. I have an account at AMP Global and Charles Schwab. I’ve always been a sponge for information and I’m here looking for helpful information and advice in the forex world.


Welcome… Im an experienced trader too… Here for the same reasons great to meet like minded people… Lol never traded emini before

Thank you, and great to meet you! eminis are futures contracts, I tend to trade the ES which is a small contract on the S&P500…

Welcome to the community. I would be great to learn from you.

Welcome to bp @TradingGorrila! Nice to have someone new here with trading experience. :blush:

Welcome to the community. @TradingGorrila! Looking forward to hear more about your trading experiences! See you around!

Thank you! nice to meet you! Glad to be here…