Hard to find brokes,which suits in my strategy

Hello,I am new in the forum and new in forex world, as i trade less than 1 year.
My broker is Xm and i have no complaints at all so far.
But my strategy needs a broker,which can provide me spreads < 1,leverage >400 and
minimum lot size 0,0001, all together in one account.
I search many ecn and market makers brokers but all had 2 of the 3 requirements.
Is anyone know a broker,which can provide me a account with all that requirements?

0,0001 lots and < 1pipspread? So you want to trade 100 dollars at the time?

So you expect to find a broker that will earn 0,9 cent on each trade you make? You are aware it costs probably more than 1 cent to execute a transaction? They would make a loss on each of your trades. Actually less than 0,9 cents as they have to deal with a spread as well so approx. 0,7 cent per trade.

I have my concerns that you will not find such a broker and that if you do you should be very sure that such a broker is reliable and not just trying to lure you in and take your money.

I am also a beginner (<1 year of trading) and I’ve looked at a lot of brokers so far (~20). The one thing I have seen in common is each has its trade offs. I don’t think there is a “perfect” broker out there, but if anyone finds one please share. It all depends on your needs. From what your describing I would suggest you let go on your spread requirement and focus on your trading strategy to make sure your profits make up for what they’ll make off of you.