Harmonic Pattern Software

Would anyone by chance have any recommendations for a solid harmonic pattern recognition software?

I deleted my previous reply because I may have violated forum rules by posting a link.

I have one, I bought it from MQL4 jobs for about $100.

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Does it work pretty well? Could you link me the site where you bought it?

In regards to scanning for patterns, it works perfectly. It can scan all charts in marketwatch and all timeframes (you can select certain assets and timeframes also). Then it marks out the patterns on the chart providing the following info;

Pattern name.
Stop area.
Multiple target areas.

It has a duel function of being an indicator or EA, meaning it can autotrade but trading 100% of the patterns it finds by default will be unlikely to be profitable running on autopilot (with the exception perhaps of long term ranging markets).

I just posted in All orders on freelance service for MetaTrader saying I needed a harmonic recognition tool and could provide the specs for it. Someone there had one ready made that included all the patterns I knew and also a few I did not.

I paid $100 for it, if you use harmonics a lot, it can save a lot of time, it will scan the entire market in the time it takes to make a cup of coffee and in that regard I thought it was worth the price. I can sell you the same thing you will get there for half price ($50) if you want.


Yeah for sure. Does it only work on MT4 or MT5? Or could I use it on Tradingview?

I have used it on MT4. I am not sure if it works on MT5. I would not expect it will work on Tradingview or any other charting platform since it is written in MQL (Metatraders coding).

I’ll give you a quick run down of what it does/how it works.

When first loaded, you select timeframes and assets.

You can use the arrows to pick all of a timeframe (example here is daily) or all of an asset (example here is EURUSD). Or you can manually tick or untick them. It will load all assets in the marketwatch.

After that, it will ask you what patterns you want to use.

You can pick certain patterns and what direction you’d like to scan for them.

Once you start the scan, it will then automatically open each chart to be scanned (note, it will open them. This can be great if your selective but if you just scanned the entire market 1 hour - 1 week, you’d have a bunch of open charts).

When it is done, it will present you with three types of patterns.

1 - Old (Completed patterns, you can see how well they would have done)
2 - Tradable (Patterns that are trading inside the harmonic set up)
3 - Developing (Potential eemerging patterns)

When you click the arrow to select one, it takes you to the alrady opened chart which has had the pattern marked into it.

Targets shown in green lines and stop in red (by default settings)

The settings have everything from very basic to extemely specific customing options.

I decided to just give this away for free since it was a bit buggy. You can find it linked here under “Useful Trading Tools”.

sent you a mail… can we connect? Divine

Please shaer your e-mail adress. I need some help.


Harmonictrader by Scott Carney. He is the real deal

This look great! So what is buggy about it?
I might be able to fix it for you, for free.
Do you have the source code?

I would be interested in buying this indicator at the price you mentioned. I am assuming the MQL4 source code is included.
Could you let me know how we can go about it?




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