Harmonic traders

Harmonic and technical traders let’s meet up and share some trading ideas and experience with each other!

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only ultramegagiga alpha male use harmonic because this strategy is reserved for the elites, the higher valued traders who know how to use it. are lazy to calculate fib ratio, are lazy to put their own touch above this master piece called harmonic pattern

most traders will test 3 or 4 and fail all their trades then gonna give up and come back to test their disgusting moving averages or horrible ATR

they dont know what they lose

If you are not a Chad. dont even try to use harmonic pattern , you gonna destroy it with your lack of testosterone/innovation/determination

I have been using harmonic for long and it have been working for me

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I guess you do trade with harmonic, how long have you been using harmonic?

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right I use it since the beginning of my trading path so like 2 years. never deceived me

and you?

trade it majorly h4 and D1 (h1 exceptionally)
and noticed that they have more winning rate during ranging market

when you are in a trending market you have to adapt so use only bullish harmonic during bull market and vice versa for bear market

I use it for potential trend reversal only h4 and d1 like i said

found it very hard at the beginning because you want to apply harmonic pattern without further confirmation , with wrong datas ,etc.
Its a strategy which have to be use only for disciplined and innovative people

made several REAL ■■■■■■■ BEAUTIFUL HOMERUNS with that method : exemple on usoil on september 2018 , there was one daily bearish butterfly I was a noob and that was my first time using it

drawn it on papertrading and since that day im in inconditionnal love with harmonic patterns

used at the end of 2018 in USDJPY with an other daily bearish butterfly just before flashkrash

used it during halloween of 2018 for gbpusd where there was a bullish bat

seriously that was beautiful, i feel like my strategy is my clothes now. confortable to use and to wear

That’s nice, with harmonic forex make more sense

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right. do you have some useful tips to share?

here is my old tradingview account with all my public homeruns using harmonics : Trader jeanneymar011001 — Trading Ideas & Charts

I have been using it for one year pluse it have been very accurate to me, I use it on weekly, daily and 4hr (daily tf mainly) it’s the most powerful strategy I have ever come across

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:+1: :100:

good continuation with my babies , wish you the best

use it with most love possible. treat them well and they’ll treat you well

promise me you will take care of them :grin:

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Yes promise

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very good, was trapped in that one thinking it was a second bullish bat. got the first bullish bat winning

well played mate

Greetings man

Is there a way to get alerts for it?