Has any of you ever heard about this "strategy" before? Is it real?

Good day
I was contacted by a person of this… boh…community? Company? (I don’t know exactly) called Smalfi.
He told me about their revolutionary Forex strategy that - he said - provides everyone with the opportunity to earn a secure profit regardless of the market conditions. (!!!)

Have any of you ever heard about this strategy before?

During my research on the internet I found many positive testimonials about them on their site Smalfi.com

Most written in Italian, but luckly my girlfriend is studying Italian right now at the University :slight_smile:

But I cannot understand how they can say that they do not use neither technical analysis and other traditional trading techniques. Have any of you ever been contacted by Smalfi’s representatives?

Here in this forum Global Forex Forum • View topic - MyFxBook: real account with SMALFI Method they published an account where in a year they gained more than 100%, even if the drawdown (which you told me that must be the lowest possible) is at 68% !!

Is it real? Is it fake? Is it possible?

It’s not probable. Nice advertising tactic, though.

secure profit, 68% drawdown.

In fact. I agree with you. How is possible that they can make profit regardless the market conditions?

They can’t legally. If they are then they are running a Ponzi scheme.

What is it?

If you hear the word “secure profits” just run fast

Ah ah ah, I agree!
But I’m still curious.

Hi i heard about this method a friend of mine from Italy (Forex trader) told me about it. I don’t really know what to say, but when I see secure profit I’m very skeptical I will try to get more info until then I would stay away!!!

Do yourself a favour…

Move email to trash and any further promotional e-mails out there too. What any of these ‘experts, groups, companies’ promise you is basically a con.

Chuck it in your spam folder.

What is the name?

Anyway, I’m trying to inform better because it is true that it looks like a scam (they speak of secure profits) but it is also true that a lot of people talk well about them, and their strategy is explained quite well in their forum…


You can make profits regardless of market conditions as long as you are on the right side of the trade. In general, anyone who guarantees profits is usually trying to scam people.

I know very well the Smalfi strategy and It’s not scam! It’s simply a different way to do Forex (and better then any other strategy, in particular for people like me that do not have time to check the platform every hour, but only once a day in the evening after work).
It’s a long-term strategy, only on EUR/USD cross, and all the trades are in profit. It uses small fixed-volumes and let the price move for many pips.
It doesn’t involve the use of Stop Loss 'cause thanks to the money management the account will not suffer from the negative orders.

It’s a completely different approach to trading, and I like it! :slight_smile:
Have a nice day to all

Is this Smalfi strategy free or no?

No, it is not free.
I cannot remember exactly how much I paid, but I think I paid a few hundred euro,

The course I took at the end of 2012 lasted a month and a half and included individual lessons with my trainer at 1 hr./week.

I’ve attended another Forex course in the past, and I absolutely consider SMALFI the best value, for both the strategy learned and superior post-course support.
I always have the assistance and support of my trainer and the community, even now, after the course has ended.

There are lots of rumor in this market. I would like to say that it would be wise decision not to take any of those rumor seriously. Keep in mind that there is no standard rule in Forex to earn money regularly.

in the smalfi website there are some myfxboox screenshots…and they have 68% of DD…wtf?!?

in your account do you have the same DD?
i think it’s not possible to trade in this way…

If its too good to be true, it probably isn’t true…

I know smalfi strategy as well. I’ve taken the course about 1 year ago, it’s a very smart strategy, different from everything else. It’s a long term strategy and drawdown in the long term is smaller than profits.

It truly was 68%, but the reason for this percentage is given.
DrawDown is not applicable to Smalfi Method due to its characteristics.

I really don’t know the DD% of my account.
I will connect it to “MyFx book” and I’ll let you know.