Has anybody heard of the Order Block Strategy?

I was looking around the net and saw this new strategy. :open_mouth: I’ve never heard of it and just thought I might want to try it. :open_mouth: Is there anyone using the Order Block strategy here? If so, how is it so far? :blush: THANK YOUUUUU

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How does it work and what is it for? :open_mouth:

Hmmm. :thinking: I’m actually still looking into it myself. :open_mouth: And I don’t have that much knowledge on it yet. I was hoping someone could help me out a bit. :sweat_smile: But I’ve been reading this:


I saw the strategy on a Reddit thread and got curious cause there were other people who wanted to know more about it, but no one really answered how it works. :open_mouth:

Looks like a trend trading strategy, prob something @tommor already does? Although I’m not sure he uses Fib…

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No actually, @ponponwei, I’ve never heard of this strategy.

A quick look round the internet suggests this is a reversal tactic, which I avoid. Interesting idea though.

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Thanks @ponponwei and @tommor! :open_mouth: I’ve been lurking around other forex forums, trying to find some answers too and if I find anything useful or interesting, I’ll share it here. :blush: Still hope someone’s familiar with it here. :crossed_fingers:

Id be interested too ive heard that word been said around. Would like more information :slight_smile:

A search in Youtube will also reveal some information concerning the Order Blocks.

its basically just a rebranded supply and demand concept, u trade reversal with the trend (pullback) with crazy risk and reward like 1:200 or 1:70 with 5 pips stop loss or so

Interesting. :thinking: But when I learned about the risks, I realized I’m not confident enough for such a strategy. :sweat_smile: