Has Anyone Actually Met a Successful Forex Trader in Real Life?

Not really, trading is a very solitary and self regulating job, it is not a work place where there is a lot of social interaction (if any). Writing, posting on forums and teaching about trading is a nice way to share knowledge to those sincerely wanting to learn. An author has an opportunity to present or teach to an audience and get a great amount of gratification when he is able to help people achieve success and personal freedom. Just because money is charged for a book does not mean that someone is trying to profit off another person’s ignorance. It is simply a medium of trade where money is the currency and acknowledgement of the worth of that product. I’ve read some great books and appreciated very much that someone had penned his observations and guidelines on trading. I happily paid for that knowledge because it was worth every penny, and so is my success.

Hi Muthusai, Do you see any succesfull forex traders in INDIA.

Hi just to share with you guys on the traders that I have encountered

  1. Friends of mine (2 of them) who worked in an investment bank and then came out to trade for themselves; in commodities, index futures and bonds. They trade with their own money and literally made themselves millionaires through trading. But, they do not trade in FX. They inspired me to drop out of my own business (which was making money, but I did not have the freedom and life they enjoyed) and to pursue trading wholeheartedly.

  2. A mentor of mine who trades FX exclusively, but also runs a brokerage, which in this case, after having traded with him for a year, am still unsure whether he is actually net profitable, because he has multiple accounts and nothing which I can track. However, it would be fair to say I have learnt quite abit from him.

  3. Another elderly gentleman who has been trading FX for the past 7 years, struggled in the first 4 years, 6 figure account dwindled to 30k, and from then on has built the account back to a respectable 200k and just living off 7-10% monthly returns of that.

This is my 2 cents, there are many who may be profitable for a period of time, but hit a plateau, which could be a huge loss, or their strategy may no longer work as well and they never changed. For long term successful traders, I can only honestly say no.1 above is the one I have met. In FX specifically, I have met many and I have my doubts, because what they say does not tally with what I observe.

I worked in a company which traded commodities, so yes i have met successful traders, and that is was got me into trading. The whole trading environment appealed to me greatly, and i felt i wanted to make trading my profession.

As one of the posters mentioned on the very first page of this thread, it depends how you measure success…

The original poster did say that the question referred to those traders who make a success out of their activity

while, at the same time, being in ordinary jobs, that is, not full-time traders or (Wall) Street operators or other


The question for me, sadly, is that this business is one that I play with a lone hand, and even though it may be lonely

at times, I probably prefer it that way, because I can be my own trader. Nothing wrong, indeed, with socialising, but

if I met other traders, maybe some who were more successful than me, I may start listening too much to their views

and start doubting my own instincts and trade in ways that suited them but not necessarily me.

Having said all this, I would absolutely love to try it, that is, meeting other Forex retail traders and just watch how they

did it, how they set up their work space at home; I would also like to talk about their work-life balance, and their bad

trading experiences… This would be a great joy, namely, to share the human side of trading, behind the anonymity of

someone behind a screen… As for trading WITH other people, no, I would not want to get involved with that: my trading

is for me alone to manage and steer.

Yes, there are stories of successful retail traders on this thread, and so it is definitely not a ‘unicorn’, as someone called

it here…

Happy trading.

:cool: So can I ask you that question please? :cool: :33:

i am looking for experienced forex trader in chennai(india), please recommend anyone you know

I have had the privilege of meeting a few during my journey, so yes there are successful traders in the term of consistently making a profit.

No I have not met a trader, out f all my friends on facebook from my school years I am the only one trading in currency, my cousin did however trade stocks

The way I stumbled into this, I played with some ponzi schemes years back that claimed to make their money in forex so i got interested started looking for places to trade, Technically this is a 50/50 thing up or down.

I haven’t meet any trader that are success. im still struggling but hope at least can sustain a profit. i hope that i also meet those that make it in this business so that i can keep it going…


Yes, I am a retail trader with a 9-5 job. I am consistently profitable for the last 2 yrs.

Everyone has their own benchmarks for a successful trader. for me, he/she is someone who is able to make profitable trades consistently and knows when to exit and how much to invest and expect a return.
so yes, i have. the one i learnt trading from, My Best Friend.

Hello, I just found this topic and was reading along, I am curious to know after 7 years how are the two people that you met doing? Are they still living of trading? Thanks.

They usually don’t go by “Forex Trader”. Sometimes they go by “banker”, “doctor”, etc.

Forex is part-time for most people. It only takes a couple hours a week to make a $thousands profit out of a big savings account.

Only when I look in the mirror every morning.

Yes! A childhood bud of mine started trading Fx around a year ago and he made some cash really quick.

We all know a successful trader ---- it’s the platforms lolololololol

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Wow,thanks for the write up sir.Am really touched it almost seems as if you were referring to me

I am very new to forex,i am just about to finish with the baby pip education,i have been demo trading a bit but i am not getting it

I would love to meet someone like you who would guide me through this forex journey.I would be glade if any one here can pls​:disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

We are in same shoe buddy​:weary::weary:

On point. As lot size increases, so does anxiety.