Has anyone bought the Transparent Forex Trading mentorship?

and yes he provides TP and SL is usually going to be below structure (which can change in a day, so it’s not a fixed SL level, but there are clear rules indicating where you should put your stop loss

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Thanks for your advice I will also start to use it too.

Why dont you share a few trades so people can get a taste of what he offers?

  1. Sharing some trades without any explanations doesn’t do much. And even if i was to do some explanation it would be some general things like wait for the break of structure blablabla, because i can’t go deeper than that without actually saying the rules ahah.
  2. He does that on his website (and yes these are real trades, some of which i’ve taken/seen myself). And, as i’ve told you already, he also shares sometimes on youtube some of the trades he shared with the students or is currently in.

I’m sure ‘the rules’ are nothing that isnt already out there. You know you can get the course for free. I dont think the rules are the selling point of his course. Or maybe I’m wrong and hes come up with something original.

well i didn’t find them anywhere else, but hey if you can get the course for free, go ahead, nobody’s gonna stop you ahah

Didn’t buy his mentorship program yet but I will soon.

I’m following all his tradingview and youtube videos.

Dude is the real deal.

If you’ll see all his videos on where the price is going, almost 90% are spot on.

Dude is a swing trader and is really good at fibonacci and patterns.

Highly recommended, if you are serious about learning and professional trading.

This weeks analysis:

That is what students receive?

Let’s ask @Gift13. Is this what you receive?

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Yes, this is the daily recap from yesterday, he makes a video like this everyday.

Yes that’s how he does the daily market breakdown

Did you purchased Area 51 ? If yes is the profit really 10 times the swing trading profit ?

Im not a student but im planning to be one because on my own i`m very struggling!

I`m following this guy a lot and i think he is great!

I though he wasn`t using any indicator.

Anyway i still a bit confused about the entry point, do you use a entry order on the FIB level or you wait for more confirmation?

What happen if you don`t get the any retracement? Like CAD/CHF?

So heres my review. This course is not for complete beginners. He uses loads of different concepts and it’s actually pretty difficult to understand. On top of that, I’m not sure many of his students could go away and do the analysis and take trades independently. I reckon most of these people will be relying on him forever.

He uses 3 strategies:
M and W formations
Trendline/counter trendlines

He analyses the monthly, weekly or daily and takes trades on the 4hr.

So if he wants to sell, the first thing is he’ll wait for 10ema to be under the 20ema and for the macd signal line to be below 0. That gives him the bearish bias.

Then he uses price action and fibs sometimes. And he also uses ‘special numbers’ 20/50/80, he mentions something about high frequency computers using these numbers. So he’ll wait for a retracement to previous resistance with a fib level and at his special numbers eg if the retracement price is 1.5687 he’ll sell at 1.5680. Also if theres a trendline he’ll look for price to come close to that. Like I said, he uses a lot of different things. And someone earlier said he doesnt actually tell you when he’s in the trade. So I’m not sure if that means you need to enter yourself with his rules or he gives pending orders.

That`s a 680euros answer. :grinning:Anyway
I believe the guy is great and he actually gives a lots of education for free. Plus looks like he really cares about students.

@tradeforex077 It seems you know quite a lot about trading, as a personal opinion do you recommend this course?are any other educational courses you recommend?

im not joining his menthorship program but my analysis almost the same with him lol.
this video here also answer my curiousity about his entry rule since i ever see on his student review that posted by him showing 3 indicators ema 10 20 and macd.
thanks man.

Thanks for that but I’m always learning. I’ve read lot of books and watched videos and what I’ve found is it’s all basically the same. Some people add something, others remove things but in the end it’s all the same concepts. This is generally speaking about the majority of online educators, obviously there are some which use more specialised techniques.

I cant recommend this course because I’m not part of this or any community so dont know if it’s worth it or not. Generally I cant recommend other courses either because I dont know your trading style. Maybe you dont know your style either, what fits your lifestyle personality and beliefs. This is all important before you join a mentorship. What I’d recommend is take a bit of time to understand how you want to trade. Try demo trading and watching online- lots of videos on YouTube now. Then look for the person who fits the style you’re looking for. Other things to look for are: is the educator actually helping your trading, does he share live trades, how long has been trading and then are his students profitable, are his students helpful, can you learn this strategy and apply it independently. Ask current students, generally if students are making money they’re happy to share ongoing trades, analysis and give you honest reviews.

If a normal person can not explain the strategy or trade it himself or is hiding things like saying ‘I dont want to share the rules’ then I’d wait for more reviews from other people.

I joined…its a waste