Has anyone bought the Transparent Forex Trading mentorship?

Have any of you bought the mentorship program that TransparentFX offers? He has very good free analysis and doesn’t use a bunch of hype like the plethora of wannabe fx mentors out there. He also preaches things like proper risk reward, being patient, being reactive not predictive, etc… The one thing that concerns me though, is that you can only see reviews that he chooses to post on his platforms which are always praising the program. If any of you have went through the mentorship program some feedback on it would be greatly appreciated!!!


This is a very good find! I trade primarily using price action and market structure. Having glanced through a few of his videos on YT, it is clear that the owner of transparentfxtrading, Nik, also uses price action and market structure. His mentorship seems to be quite inexpensive for what you are likely to learn.

If you decide to purchase the mentorship, please write about your experience with the same.

I’m curious, how much experience do you have trading and how did you find Nik?

I have only been trading fx for about 8 months now so still quite new and inexperienced. How long have you been trading, and do you have any tips by chance? Furthermore I found Nik just by chance on tradingview and really found his analysis helpful so I have just been following him since.

I’ve been trading for a little over 3 years. I’ve tried using indicators, candlestick patterns, gartley patterns and such and could never make any money. Trading the naked chart using price action and market structure is what worked for me.

Many here will advise you to not pay for mentorship or training but the fact is that you either pay with money or you pay with time. If you can afford it I would recommend paying a mentor. It will save you months and possibly years of frustration.


Thank you very much, do you have a mentorship that you used and recommend by chance? If not would you be willing to help me out?

I did not have a mentor since I could not find anyone who taught price action and market structure. Fortunately I came across some key pieces of information and I developed my understanding of the market using those as a springboard.

I would help you but I don’t have any time to devote to mentoring someone. I’m not a full time trader as yet and my job leaves me with very limited free time.


I be critical. I just see it today because he offers discount, but after reading review of transparentfxtrading on trustpilot I don’t think so sure anymore.


Wow you’re right. The review on trustpilot really opened up my eyes!


I did but it was a waste of money, I have developed my own low risk algorithm to master forex because it is much harder then most people think ! Good luck!

How about review? I couldn’t find it.

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I bought the mentorship and so far it has been worth it. If you don’t have a strategy it is worth buying it. I’m a new trader. I noticed the person that said they bought the course figured out a lower risk strategy… but his strategies are only a 1% risk and most of the times they break even if they don’t pan out. Pretty low risk so far for me. Also I am talking about transparentfxtrading … not sure if this post is for someone else. The mentorship is “swing” trading. Also I’m new to the forum so hope to learn/contribute any way I can. :slight_smile:


Could I see your myfxbook?

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So, it did work for you. I really liked his site but I haven’t been able to find any review on internet

Sorry guys. I don’t have an fx book and I"ve only done like 3 trades from the daily market breakdowns he has suggested. They have all been winners or break even. I am currently backtesting. It is worth the money I wouldn’t lie to you guys. I am new so not really wanting to create and fx book. I know it sounds shady, but do your own research. I wouldn’t be shady in these times with everything going on. He also offers an additional course if you purchase the first one, but the first one is good. The second one I’m backtesting but so far mindblowing.

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You lost me here. Did you buy the first course or the second? Do you know what the differences are between the two courses? How much does the second course cost? Why do you say it is mind blowing?

Hello I don’t want to come off shady, but I took a gamble on the whole thing. It was a good decision for me. I didn’t have reviews… I just following him on tradingview and took a leap of faith. There is a cost involved each course. You are required to backtest and learn it. I advise to watch his tradingview and do your research. If you feel it is worth it the first course price is on the website. If you get the first course the second course shows … although not mandatory to buy the second course. The first course is “swing” trading… second is scalp trading. Both cost and both are worth it.

Ok so the scalping course is an upsell. But what does it cost?

Roughly the same but only for a limited time. I think in a few days it will go up.

It just came out a couple hours ago. There has been people on the Q and A that have been with him over a year. Once he gets a decision from current purchases he is rising the price cause they all made a profit on his first course.

Hey man, did you purchase the TransparentFX mentorship programme?

I’m thinking about it as well but the only review I found, apart from his own chosen reviews, on safetrading.today didn’t say much and wasn’t recommended. I’d be more than interested about your detailed opinion if you have, or anyone who’s in his group for that matter. At 670 euro you’d definitely want the education to be good.