Has anyone bought the Transparent Forex Trading mentorship?

Why was it a waste of time?

Because it took a while to find the “right”guy, which meant I ve spend too much money and wasted a lot of time looking for help which I never really received, I believe if you read a good book or two about Forex Mindset, this can help you a lot as well! In my course I have a section about FX Mindset, so important!!! I am so glad that I trade with an Algo now !!! Hope this helps !


I’m in the same situation as the poster also following him on tradingview and youtube for about 6-7 months. On both his channels he explained a lot and made a completely newbie like me aware for a lot of important thing that I never even thought about, I’d say it’s worth paying attention to his words and definitely recommend to follow him.

However, I’m not sure at all to buy his mentorship program and also tried looking for reviews with very little luck. The good ones look pretty much the same and negative ones could easily came from a competitor so overall they are not very helpful.
On the other hand if there were too many disappointed students from his mentorship program there should be a lot more thumbs down or negative comments on his youtube, facebook or any others of his channels where he advertises himself, for example on youtube the ratio is like 200 up / 1-2 down which can also come from haters or competitors.

Someone said what he offers can be all found on internet and thousand of traders are using them everyday. My only problem with this statement is that you can find everything if you have all the time on earth and you know exactly what you’re looking for but the reality is that you have to dig yourself through loads of information which most of the time doesn’t turn out to be useful nevermind all the scams, so putting a program altogether even from free content requires lot of time in my opinion. Think about it, even the School of Pipsology takes couple of weeks itself just to read it through (unless you’re reading non-stop) and it’s all organized already.

Another negative comment from trustpilot said that you can only see the patterns that worked out not the failed ones during backtesting. I have no idea how he backtested but if you use tradingview’s Rewind function with pro (pro+ or premium) where you can backtest every timeframe candle-by-candle there is no chance to see in advance if a pattern will work out or not. I have a feeling that person was only pulling the charts backwards in mt4.

That’s it from me, I’m looking forward to see more people’s opinions on here


Nothing more on this course guys? I was hoping to find more reviews but cant.

Hmmm, I was looking for legitimate reviews too. There are too many red flags at present to even think about joining:

Seemingly fake comments in his YouTube videos - lots of ‘Sir’ comments and people ‘saving’ to join

Cringe marketing. Using the current crisis as a means of luring buyers in with reduced prices. Even more cringe is that he just posted on his instagram that the next 10 ppl to join - 5 will get refunded in full and 5 will join ‘the best programme ever’ at a low cost.

On balance, his youtube videos are informative and he doesn’t hide his face. Still, the negatives outweigh the positives at present.

We should also be clear that this thread is related to www.transparentfxtrading.com and not www.transparentforextrading.com

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I bumped on transparentfx on tradingview as well, and I must admit I was close to sign up when he posted the 10 ppl join / 5 will get the lessons for free. But at the end the bad reviews on trustpilot were a big stop for me. Very curious about this though !

Thank you for pointing this out.

No I haven’t yet mainly for the suspicions that Smozzer89 has pointed out. This being said, I have learned a lot just from watching his free analysis and would recommend watching them yourself if this type of trading is appealing to you.

Yes, his youtube channel are everything you need to know. That’s it period

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How do you teach someone to be patient

I have been trying to get his course. His YouTube videos and trading analysis are good.

I found this review and Niccolò Testa (owner of Transparent FX Trading) has posted a comment on the same.

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That maybe the argument regards mentor s as we all wired up differently,see different things and react differently. I’ve not been trading that long but aware how important patience is and it can be the difference between success and failure

I assume you are the one of people on Trustpilot who wrote a 1 star review which is the absolute bottom of everything, giving 1 star to someone then in the same review advertising another “free” course that costs $97 for beginners and god knows the total costs. It actually takes about a 10 sec google search to find out. Can’t stop vomiting from promoters like you, absolutely disgusting…

To be on-topic:

Recently I carried out some research regarding the testimonies from his telegram channel. I’ve searched for all the usernames that were not covered out and managed to send a message to 23 of them, 11 of them replied, actually one of them has been offended from texting him (he should set his account to private then) the other 10 only recommended the swing trading claiming it is not perfect but is profitable however it requires a lot of backtesting and practicing and noone recommended to trade it live straight away without understanding all the rules. I doubt they were fake accounts as 2 of them were from the same country as I am. They all said that his promise to look after the students and answer every questions is true and posts a market brakedown every evening about he next possible opportunities that should be on the watchlist. They were all happy about his dedication and attention towards them. 3 of them could give a feedback about the other day trading strategy as well, they said that it is not really worth the high price as it is not as good as the swing trading strategy saying they can’t take that many trades because of the wide spread even though it works out when they backtested it, probably you need upgraded account from your broker that offers tighter spread but that would cost a lot on the top of everything, I think.

Please be aware that I haven’t bought his mentorship yet and everything I wrote above based on the feedbacks I received therefore I can’t guarantee that is all true and I would not recommend anything until I have personal experience.

What are the rules?

I’m not promote her beginners course.
i’m recommending her youtube channel and i don’t received anything that benefit me at all. I only recommend what i feel worthy.
i also assume u haven’t checked her youtube channel.
All her advanced education are free.
you don’t need to buy her course cause it simply for beginner which can be learn in here babypips or any free websites.

i also feel the same about this comment " they said that it is not really worth the high price as it is not as good as the swing trading strategy saying"

i also want privacy please delete my name, i’m also updating my review. since you guys don’t appreciate my recommendation then i won’t do it anymore.

i prefer privacy since i’m trully not received any benefit at all.

I am sorry if I was too aggressive but I’ve seen many-many comments under youtube videos and other online platforms many times where people post a negative comment about a product or service and in the same time advertising something else especially when it comes to trading, it is disgusting in general. Apologies if it was not your intention. I also deleted your name from my comment.

I watched his free introductory video. He kept mentioning waiting on the rules for confirmation but he does mention the rules by name. He also says it on the trade ideas he post on trading view. I’m curious to get an idea what those rules are. If they make sense, I would buy the program but right now I’m a bit timid since I don’t want to be scammed.

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that’s his marketing strategy. his rules are mention many times in his youtube channel it’s the same only different timeframes. believe me you will disappointed when you buy it unless you are complete newbie or haven’t graduate from babypips course.