Has anyone ever purchased a profitable robot?

I trade manually and was wondering if anyone has ever purchased a profitable robot?


No such thing my freind robots are rubbish, they are just for people who are too lazy to make their own stratergy up !

I totally agree.

First of all, you can tell by the way the sales page is written that these “Snake Oil” salesmen are a bunch of idiots.

All a robot is is a system. Can you imagine buying a system from someone who writes a sales page like that?


They do not have good thought as demonstrated by their semi-illiterate sales page.

Second, NO ONE in their right mind would sell a profitable system for a hundred bucks. Would you? I certainly wouldn’t.

I think that the bottom line on system/robot sellers is this:

“Those who tell don’t know and those who know don’t tell”.

what’s a robot that can make consistent profits? most robots (if not all) can’t. they just don’t work. sorry.

Yes, it stand in my kitchen and already saved me a lot of money. :45:

But in the forex industry, no.

To those who have replied what a load. Look its like this, you can have a profitable manual system but trade in the wrong market conditions it will lose money. No different for a bot. If you don’t know how to turn off and on the bot then it will blow up your account.

Problem with these bots that are marketed left right and center is as the end user you have no idea of the logic that is used to create them therefor you can’t define the correct market conditions or parameters to use them in. End result they don’t work. So I will agree that they are a waste of money. But remember that 70% of all market transactions are initialized by automatic trading so they do indeed work. Best bet but build your own.

The only people making big money with bots is the people selling them

As long as you don’t do or say anything here which comes across as possibly promoting it, encouraging private contact to discuss it, or otherwise breaching the “no solicitation” rules, I’m sure we wish you well with it, Nickson.

(Please excuse that comment, if it doesn’t apply to you: I’m sure you can appreciate that in a forum of this kind, it often turns out to be [B]very[/B] appropriate, when very new members “bump” old threads just in order to mention commercial products they’ve “discovered”!)

This was asked in 2010, but now that the thread’s been “bumped”, I’ll offer an answer anyway. Yes, they have: in the 1990’s [I]Crédit Suisse[/I] leased a trading robot from a group of American academics (software engineers, mathematicians, market analysts and traders). I believe they paid $100,000 per month plus a share of the profits from using it. A very interesting book was written about it, by Thomas Bass, who already knew a few of them from an earlier “escapade”.

And other institutions have done similar things, since then.

That’s typically the way such situations arise, are researched and developed and marketed. The big trading institutions employ teams of very highly-paid experts specifically to assess and investigate them, and people who have one [I]that really works[/I] can make [U]fortunes[/U] from them via that route, without needing to advertise them online.

With the more-or-less home-made ones you see advertised online for a few hundred or a few thousand dollars, the same standards [I]haven’t[/I] typically been applied at all (usually they’ve simply been backfitted to historical results, which is very easy but not helpful), and - predictably enough - the outcomes from using them tend also to be radically different.

I work with free robot in trading some times they results good but not give consistent profits. I am not ready to purchase any robot because they are highly paying and not sure they will work profitably or not I do not want to put my amount in risk with robots when I can do good with manual trading.

Trading robots ain’t a real thing, its only a scam advertisement on internet to sell fake robots as many people have this greed of becoming rich in easy way.

Gee wiz miss molly. Considering well over half of all trades are initialized by bots (although not in the form we are all familiar with) then this becomes a higher ill informed statement.

I don’t think so there is anything like 100% winning robot,so I prefer Manual trading and if a broker is offering Low spread, then it will even Good.

I agree with you, although there may be some assisting robots that traders may use while trading, but depending solely on a robot for trading is a fancy to date.

I usually don’t like trading with Robots, they snatch the control from over hands and we may earn through it , but sometimes, it leads us to make less profit, which is actually a loss to us.

I do not trust a robot, but the thing is that automated trading takes human emotion out of the equasion.