Has anyone tried breakfree trading?

I keep seeing ads for it and wonder if anyone likes it. Before anyone writes “learn to trade on your own”, I already can lol

I’ve never heard of break free trading which straight away doesn’t bode well. Send their website and I’ll look into it.


If someone pays money to run an ad to teach you how to make decent money, it clearly begs the question about the goal of this business. Why not to make money yourself if you know the trick?

Thanks, I’ve seen these guys before. They allow a free sign up and have loads of videos on what they’re selling. This company does not teach you how to trade or provide any education. It’s a company that sells signals which pop up on their platform. So it shows you where to enter tp1 and 2 and sl. You can connect their platform to your mt4 or mt5 so you can take trades. Looks like they make money via commissions when you sign up to their recommended brokers. So they dont care whether you win or lose they make money. On top of that it’s a monthly subscription.

They give one free week but that’s not enough to be able to form a reliable opinion. For someone who says they have a 70% winrate, I’m surprised they only give one week free trial! Reviews online say they dont answer their emails when you want to cancel. They have no verifiable results. They market heavily on YouTube ads.

I’ve never heard of anyone successful trading with them. You can always give them one month trial if you want to test them out and see if you make money. For me, i have doubts and I dont think in the long term they are profitable.

Because I’ve had this questioned before I will like to add this is just my opinion, its completely subjective, i have no evidence, i don’t think I’m right, i have no proof, I am using my own subjective experience and research. I dont want people to argue my points to try and convince or persuade me to think a certain way. Im given my views you are free to give your own. Please do your own research and if you think they’re legit, sign up as you please.

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I have not tried but one of my friends tried and he learned to trade by Breakfree Trading platform and they have carefully designed their software so that even the newest trader can enter any market and place trades with the fundamental framework of a true professional. They have a complete library of training videos that will get you up to speed fast.