Has anyone tried the SMA crossover system in 15m?

This system is very profitable. But I think it can generate bigger profits when used on 15min. Has anyoe tried it?

Jorge, SMA crossovers work in any time frame.
Your the one that followed your rules and made it profitable.


Thanks midwest

I did it for a while, but found it difficult because I still have to go to work every day and it was hard to monitor it.

I’m trying a free indicator (there are a few that work) on several time frames that works like the crossover, but I can set it to notify me when the trend changes. I have some charts set to 5 minutes, some to 15, 1H, and 1D.

That way I can let the trades run until I get the notification on my phone. Then, I check the chart to see if I want to open a trade in the new direction. If you use the 15M charts, you won’t have more than 2 to 4 notifications a day.

I do it with up to 5 charts a day, so i get more notifications.

I’m using the “I Compass” indicator and set it to 9.
I think the “Follow the Line” indicator does the same thing.

I’ve only been doing it for a week, but good results so far.

(update - changing from 9 to 27 on my 1H charts. It will take me a month to see how profitable it is).