Has anyone upgraded to the new build of MT4 600 and had problems logging in?

Quick question (I know I had retired from posting but its a genuine question) - has anyone had problems logging into their server in the build of MT4? I upgraded yesterday and I could not log in anymore. There was only a demo server available to select on the login. Contacted support and they said it was a temporary thing due to system upgrades over the day - still the same situation today. If anyone has found a way round this that would be helpful.

Ok, replying to my own thread - I have figured it out. Go to open your account, type in your broker name, and choose from the selection of servers and log in as normal. For some reason I guess that this build has a different place where it stores the server addresses (if it stores them at all - maybe it just searches for them).

I did not have any issues with the latest MT4 upgrade. Who are you trading with?

I am also using the latest MT4 version. I don’t have any problems like you have said. Maybe you should check with your broker.

i have follwing code which was working perfectly i old MT4

for (pos36 = OrdersTotal() - 1; pos36 >= 0; pos36–) {
OrderSelect(pos36, SELECT_BY_POS);
if (OrderSymbol() == Symbol() && OrderMagicNumber() == MagicNumber) {
Li40 = TRUE;
Ld_76 += OrderProfit();
if (OrderType() == OP_BUY || OrderType() == OP_BUYSTOP) count44++;
if ((OrderType() == OP_BUY || OrderType() == OP_BUYSTOP) && OrderOpenPrice() > orderopenpricex52) {
orderopenpricex52 = OrderOpenPrice();
ticket48 = OrderTicket();

now in Build 600 it generate following error

[B]Return value of ‘OrderSelect’ should be checked
it not effect execution and compiling
how i can overcome this issue