Has anyone used crypto trading bots?

I’ve come across two services, Pionex and Cryptohopper, after seeing them mentioned on Twitter.

Pionex offers 16 different bots, all offering different trading strategies. They include, for example,

  • Grid Trading Bot
  • Arbitrage Bot
  • Martingale Bot
  • time weighted average price Bot

You can set parameters manually or use PIonex’s presets. Wondering if anyone has had and postiive experience using these

Cryptohopper has a more refined feel to it, and there are paid tiers you can subscribe to, so a bit different from Pionex, which feels more like a traditional crypto exchange offering trading bots.

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Yes, thousands of traders use the crypto trading bots.

Have you used them with any profitability? If so, with whom, may I ask?

Check out ChartBolt theyre technical analysis indicators

They don’t offer trading bots. NTY.

I can’t say that I have. I don’t really use them for forex, let alone crypt.


you have been on here since 08…?

i would have thought by now that you would know that crypto bots just like EA’s are trading off some kind of technical analysis which is the FINAL step in a Traders Process of making a Trade
YOU should know better than this…!!!

Haha of course I get that. Other than btc and eth, we’re dealing with coins and tokens that don’t have the similar amounts of historic pricing data and volume. I never used bots in my forex trading, but Twitter has a way of marketing new products and services in a different manner than forex, so I was intrigued with the many mentions of trading bots in the communities I follow.

It’s now been launched publicly ArbXT on telegram.


This one was spectacular today, but it does use a $2mil architecture so you kind of get what you pay for.

What is this magic?

It’s not magic, just many years of hard work, it’s designed for signal providers, crypto funds, but I have codes if traders want to access it.

is there open stats? like on mql