Has Peng Shuai been "disappeared"?

The Chinese Communists circle the wagons to protect the reputation of the party.

Have been following this story - if ever the power of prayer against this evil is needed.

Btw good to see that the US is confronting the Chinese where needed:

Work on ‘Chinese military base’ in UAE abandoned after US intervenes – report (msn.com)

Article from AP News:


Peng’s case is unique. She is a star athlete and has a platform and credibility that few other women in China share. The effort to silence Peng reflects the Communist Party’s determination to squelch criticism of its leaders and to prevent any organized public response.

China’s Foreign Ministry has repeatedly disavowed any knowledge of the case. Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian told media on Friday the issue is “not a diplomatic question and I’m not aware of the situation.”

Peng wrote a lengthy social media post on Nov. 2 in which she said she was forced to have sex three years ago with Zhang. The post was quickly deleted from Peng’s verified account on Weibo, a leading Chinese social media platform. But screenshots of the explosive accusations were shared on the internet.

Players have been emboldened by the unequivocal support of the Women’s Tennis Association and its chairman and CEO Steve Simon, who has threatened to pull the WTA’s events out of China. That means almost a dozen next year, including the WTA final.

A statement from Wimbledon said the sport’s most prestigious tournament is “united with the rest of tennis in the need to understand that Peng Shuai is safe.”

Despite Peng being a former Olympian, the IOC has remained quiet. A sports business, it derives 91% of its income from selling broadcast rights and sponsorships. But it prefers to cast itself as a non-government organization …

“The IOC has more leverage than any other organization with the pending Winter Olympic Games,” Koehler of Global Athletes wrote to AP. “They need to use that now. Athletes going to these Games are watching how the IOC will protect athletes.”

Missing Chinese tennis star reappears in public in Beijing

she’s not acting like her normal self, wonder what they gave her

INteresting case in some ways - No doubt this youngster, encouraged by the likes of “Mee TOOO” to “get even” with (and Extract Money from ) Rich Western males, has thought she can get away with the same process in a “Civilised” China !

One suspects that the Chinese - being estranged from polite western “Society” and in common with certain other “Groups” may have a rather different view of “good conduct” when it comes to sexual interplay betwixt it’s subects and indeed perhaps, the lot of those who claim “victim Status” in general !

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I suspect the Chi-Coms have made Peng Shuai an offer she can’t refuse.

Offer to Peng Shuai:

  1. You will be released from the Re-Education Center where you have been held since November 2.

  2. You will make a public statement that you are well and safe, and that you have been voluntarily staying out of the public eye, focusing on your family and friends.

  3. You will apologize for the false and defamatory statement you made against a respected member of the Party.

  4. You will not discuss that false and defamatory statement ever again, except to refer to your apology, mentioned above.

  5. In all of your public and private conversations in the future, you will express your respect and full support for the Party.

  6. If you violate any of the terms outlined above, your family will be arrested, and you will never see them again.


that’s about the way i see it

you know with the information the western world have on these ‘Re-Education’ Camps they would of found a way to punish or stop doing business with china but they turn a blind eye because they need china and china knows this, now imagine if this was jewish concentration camps, very sad

Life Inside China’s ‘Re-Education’ Camps

That is why she prefers to spend her time with friends and family right now," the statement said. IOC athletes commission chair Emma Terho insisted Peng was “doing fine.” “I was relieved to see that Peng Shuai was doing fine, which was our main concern,” Terho said in the IOC statement

@Clint hit the nail on the head.


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Women’s Tennis Association not satisfied with the IOC statement - they state that recent videos “don’t alleviate or address the WTA’s concern about her wellbeing and ability to communicate without censorship or coercion”.

Global Athlete - a body set up in 2019 to “give sports men and women a voice” are equally sceptical of the IOC statement and criticised what it called the IOC’s “nonchalant” approach to Peng’s disappearance.

“The release pretends that Peng never made sexual assault allegations and has not been missing for more than two weeks. The statements make the IOC complicit in the Chinese authority’s malicious propaganda and lack of care for basic human rights and justice,” it added.

(BBC News today)

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An email allegedly sent by Peng to the head of the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA), aired on China’s state media, retracted everything. The author wrote:

“The allegation of sexual assault is not true. I’m not missing nor am I unsafe. I’ve just been resting at home and everything is fine.”

Not included in her email:

“Provided I never again mention the rape, and always in the future praise and support the Party, my family will be fine, as well.”

The Washington Examiner calls for an American boycott of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics


And so, when Peng accused a former vice premier of sexual assault, she vanished. While the Women’s Tennis Association took up the cause, the IOC sat silently. Then, China released an email, ostensibly from Peng, that was obviously coerced. You would have to be an apologist for China or incredibly gullible to think that was proof Peng was OK.

There is no moral justification for the U.S. contributing to China’s and the IOC’s pockets by taking part in the 2022 games, especially as American and global weakness on this issue has clearly emboldened China to become more brazen in its abuses


The Sinister Truth about Peng Shuai Has Been Revealed

Re the email to WTA

Ding Li tweeted a screenshot of mail he claims she wrote to WTA chief Steve Simon asking not to be “disturbed”.

Mr Ding is a claimed friend of Ms Peng and he apparently manages sports stars in china.

Ding blaming the WTA - but WTA not backing down - nor the BBC:

Peng Shuai: Man claiming to know athlete says WTA head ignored mail - BBC News

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