Has This Ever Happened To Anyone Else?

I placed a trade in my demo account. One single click. 50 transactions were generated. My lot size was 0.01 but my question is this…what if this were my real account and I was trading a standard lot? Also if I were indeed trading a standard lot and the trade was actually a winning one would my account be credited with those monies? Interesting. Just wondering if this has happened to anyone else before?Strange.bmp (769.6 KB)

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Demo accounts are useful for learning strategies, as practice for trading, but also as a trial of the broker - if they cannot run a demo account competently and honestly for you, how will they do any better when there is real money at stake?


If you closed the trade, yes.

Which broker was this?

A screenshot of the trade has now been uploaded.

That’s an mt4 shot I think - if so then likely not a broker issue - more like a computer issue - or perhaps a phone?

Depends on your broker mate. Some brokers do treat demos as live accounts. This can be a good testing ground for your broker.

no, you better run

Agreed with @DucBourgogne