Have been trading on a demo account please geeks kindly help

have been trading on demo for some weeks now but seems I can’t make upto my capital in a week I am using a 1000cent account… I am loosing instead of winning.

That’s the markets - especially during its more volatile periods. Imagine how many of us regular folks are trying to interpret the charts but we are up against big institutions like banks and so forth. We are supremely undersize in capital in comparison so our positions we hold are minuscule in comparison. Not every time you’ll win and you’ll some times run into a stream of losses like how you run into a stream of wins. That’s how the game goes. Do you have a strategy your following/created? How long have you been demo’ing for?

hello ! the only advice i can give is to keep studying the markets you are interested in trading. i used babypips and investing. com to follow the news on markets and then make my own decisions on placing trades and going from there. trust your own judgement !

@momoisnyc I don’t have any strategy am following for now but I have a time frame analysis I have been trading on the 15m, 1h, 4h time frame

have been demo trading for the past 2 to 3 weeks now but I sometimes win and loose it again

thanks mate but how do I make a win I loose much

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What’s your R:R (risk/reward) ?
Well you have to build a strategy or your just pretty much gambling.
Ask yourself this :
For example what are the reasons you place a trade at a certain entry point is an excellent question to constantly ask yourself when your trading. Why did you set up your SL/TP at these points as well would be a follow up question. Why am I trading this pair? Which time frame out of the 3 am I actually placing the trades on and why? How do you use the other 2 time frames to incorporate and define a direction of a pair? More importantly I want you to question yourself on why you’re placing your trades that’s the only way you’ll improve/build a system of your own. What makes you believe a pair will go up (long) or go down (short).

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Consider extending your holding period and tightening your take-profit targets.

Can’t answer questions better without more information.

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@AUdvantages what do you mean here by holding period and tugging profit

@momoisnyc I do risk 0.01 to 0.05cent and I do place my trade mostly on the 15m chart if the chart correspond with d 1h and 4h chart

"What makes you believe a pair will go up (long) or go down (short)."

I used mostly the indicators to see this

If in demo still often facing with mistake analysis, I think it’s mean not yet ready to start with a real account, keep the practice in demo account while learning about certain system trading and strategy. the demo account will useful to learn and finding suitable system trading if already found good system trading keep use one system and don’t changed because no perfect system trading to due market condition easily to change

@bearish thanks mate

how about to to set up my own trading plan and trading system can you throw me some light on this please

this is great, and how everyone starts out! keep at it at the demos until you feel confident to go live :slight_smile:

Maybe try the school of pipsology and try and learn the markets a bit more

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Holding period is the duration you hold a position you purchased before selling it. Tightening take-profit limit or target is done by submitting a price closer to the spot you got it at to automatically sell a bought position (gaining capital from the difference in price) in the order menu.

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Go through the School of Pipsology here on Babypips and practice what you learn there.

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thats why you shouldn’t be trading on a demo account

the purpose of trading on a demo account is to gain some experience putting the theory into practice

but you don’t yet have any theory to put into practice

yes, that’s what will happen

that’s because without having any strategy, your outcomes are random, so sometimes you’ll win and sometimes you’ll lose

i’d say, reading your posts, that at the moment you’re (at least) several months away from being to benefit by trading with a demo account

@flamingoproxy what do you mean here mate I don’t really get the English

i’d say, reading your posts, that at the moment you’re (at least) several months away from being to benefit by trading with a demo account

I think so too, he should register there. That could be of great help to him, as I sense that he hasn’t really learned much in the market.

The school is brilliant I think everyone should use it before starting trading to be honest

I agree, and I can honestly say that it is widely known all over. It has a lot of traders who go there.

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