Have you attended the school of crypto?

Hi Traders. Though I’m only invested in forex, crypto has always fascinated me :slightly_smiling_face:. The school of Crypto is less talked about :thinking:. Have you completed the course? What do you think about the course?

Yes I did! Like an hour ago. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: I went there because I saw the new giveaway post alert. It’s cool just like the School of Pipsology! You’ll meet Toshi Moshi, the friendly guide in the School of Crypto! I also took the first quiz!

@raven37 Same! I got to know about it yesterday only after reading the giveaway alert post. Only completed the first “Introduction” Chapter yet. This too is filled with interesting anecdotes like school of pipsology.

Congratulations for completing the basics! :clap: I’m thinking of starting with it too.

What’s the use of studying in the school of crypto when a guy like Elon Musk takes the entire crypto market for a ride with his one tweet? Crypto market needs to come out of the influence of such guys before anybody could start taking it seriously.

the psychology of school is a great source to bring good basic knowledge , and besides this a practice account is also important.

I was never enrolled in the school of cryptography. On the other hand, if you have a serious interest in digital currencies, you are free to pursue that interest. You can learn and get benefitted.