Have you ever been 100% sure for some trade?

Have you ever been 100% sure for some trade?:face_with_monocle::upside_down_face:

Jeez, I don’t want to sound flippant, but I’m always 100% sure!
It’s my accuracy that gets called into question…


You have done well my friend. You have done well.

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I didn’t tell you my accuracy…:disappointed_relieved:

Yes there are some trades where it’s like the heaven gates opened.

It matches all my indicators, fundamentals match, & it usually moves in my favor.

Not really. I guess it is impossible to have 100% surety.

I`m always a 100% sure the price will move.
Now, the direction is a whole new topic…


Nobody can be 100% sure what the market will do but we should all of us be 100% sure what we will do about it.

So you should always be 100% sure you should buy, or 100% sure you should not. There is nothing in between. You should see a set-up which you are 100% sure supports your strategy or else you are 100% sure you don’t see it. Once in the trade, you should follow your trade rules 100%.

After you’re making profit on the trade, there are only 4 things price can do - go up quickly, go up slowly, go down slowly or go down quickly. You should know as soon as you enter what you will do in each case. Planning lessons on how to land an aeroplane after you’ve taken off from the airport is not an option.


:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: I see what you did there.

you said well and you’re right

I understood you clearly
I guess I should have said “well said”

As for me, the best trading is when you have a strategy with proved efficiency and strict rules, and you trade only according to the rules. It is quite difficult to be 100% sure that this trade would be successful, you just need to think that distribution of probabilities is on your side. For example, I`m actively using backtesting (mostly with Forex Tester), but even in such cases somethinh like the lack of confidence appear.

Such feeling of being right could appear during trading stocks, when you read out all possible fundamntals and news. In such cases, you feel something like “It would go the right way, 100%”

Blimey J_C - how can you ever be 100% certain of any trade?

Best I could ever manage would be I am 100% certain that this trade has a better than 50% probability of going my way so I am 100% certain I should take the risk.

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there is nothing 100% in Forex trading , so over confident can causes a great losses and risk.

Good question. I’ve had trades where I thought I was 100% sure… like my first one… but I didn’t really know crap. You never know. There’s NOTHING certain in the universe, trading can’t be that different

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100 % surety in forex trading is a joke.