Have you ever been margin called?

How was it like? Was your heart beating out of your chest? Were you panicking?

why would that be if I was in the discipline?

Fortunately, I haven’t experienced this! :blush: And hopefully NEVER will. :crossed_fingers: I’m not really the biggest fan of taking multiple trades at once, and I feel like this has prevented me from getting to this stage. :thinking: Since I can focus on my trade, I get to take the appropriate steps before I even get close to getting margin called. :sweat_smile:


Gosh, never.
Well, maybe in demo when I was starting off long time ago. I did not realize what that mean until I read more about it later on. Hopefully I will never have to face that. I cannot imagine my face if I get one.


Using an EA yes when I first started in forex but not trading manually.


A few times, haha. Yup. But it was in my email and after the fact. I turned off all alerts from my brokers.

The alerts were too distracting when they tell me a pair is up and another is down, and it made me wanna check on my trades.

The first margin call made me nervous. After that I didn’t care.I knew my trades and my stops.


Yes it happened with me a couple of times when I was playing with high leverage, frankly it was a lesson for me to calculate potential loss from a trade in advance and set stop loss accordingly


I’m imagining the sheer panic I’ll have if I get it lol. I’ve only heard stories from friends who got margin called on their stock trading accounts but not from forex yet!

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No, never been anywhere close. But I had questioned the level of account funding I had been using after I had a lucky escape by closing an MF Global account three days before they went t_ts up and retrieved my $5K.

In hindsight, I had a “lesson learned” moment without experiencing the loss, and vowed to be more cautious about the level of funds I leave in a broker account. Just the luck of the devil that I didn’t lose the $5K. My business plan stated that if I could not demonstrate an edge after nine months trading or 500 trades, whichever came first, then I would stand down and come back to fight another day. They went belly up just five days after my nine months was up. That is also a good reason why you should have written plans and try to stick to them both in outcome and timeframe.


Straight up luck right there. Glad youve never experienced getting margin called!

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I encounter it in micro accounts at the beginning of my trading career.

If you have low capital and low leverage you will eventually face a margin call.

I think you meant high leverage because trading with low leverage you can sustain significant adverse price movements.

@darthdimsky See they’re here too lol

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Yes using an EA but it was testing the EA on a smallish deposit so I closed it out !