Have you ever stolen before?

Don’t you just hate thieves? Most of us have had things stolen from us, even for me, my phone was stolen from me in front of my face using trickery and deceit. But have you ever stolen yourself. For me, only briefly as a child and it was only for fun so I was young and naive, as an adult I took food from a dorm belonging to tenants who had left permanently so I don’t really count that as stealing and I was starving.
How about you? Tell us, don’t worry, I won’t lynch you. Or you can vote below.

  • No
  • Yes
  • Habitual thief
  • Don’t remember

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Yep, some person really tried to stole me here anyway for whatever reason. I was a child and ocasionally police was along me and everything was went trough, but now I am not even sure it should be possible for such matters. I do hope it will work out for some other people, be cautious.

Ha,ha,really a funny question- I steal every day I trade. Each winning trade is like crabbing into the cash box of a supermarket,getting some bucks and run away…:grin:

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no. I tried never to let that happen


The thief should pray I never catch him stealing from me.

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Excellent statement, as of now, if any thief tries to steal in front of me this time, I will use my martial arts skills on him very ferrociously, and mercilessly. I will fight to the end :angry: and
loudly alert nearby pedestrians if any.

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Omg how did this happen? I need to know so I can be on the lookout!

To me, there are degrees to this.

Stealing from Walmart or Disney World. That means nothing to me. I don’t condone it, but I don’t care. And I wouldn’t feel bad if I were to do it myself.

But stealing from individuals or families is where I draw the line. Stealing someone’s car, or stealing from a small business, or stealing someone’s personal belongings, no way. If you do that, you get what you deserve.


A guy simply approached me on the street giving an excuse to use my phone, saying that he was lost and wanting to call someone. I guess I was chosen because I was wearing a fur coat so I “looked rich”. I made suggestions to go to a nearby rehab center for help, but for some reason, eventually I yielded and gave him my phone because I wanted to be nice and help. So then he started to pretend to be making a call and started moving towards a nearby forest. I got agitated and asked for my phone back and he lied saying the person he called is nearby and that he was going to him. By the time he entered the forest, I went in after him to ask for my phone, he turned towards me and threatened me if I kept disturbing. I kept demanding my phone back. I was so shocked and confused cause this had never happened, for this reason I was acting hesitantly and too leniently, even when there were people nearby. After continuously demanding for my phone back I finally gave up and left, of course later I ran straight to the police but I never found out if the phone or thief was ever found.
Ever since, my attitude to helping anyone changed. I am now selfish and very cautious to even close friends and family. I also learned martial arts for self defence against any other incidents. And I plan to walk with pepper spray or a tazer. I intend to be far more aggressive in case of any such incidents.

Ever since, no one else has approached me, but later I was scammed online two times. but the amount was little, so now I will never send money to anyone online on a classifieds ad, no exceptions. This is how crime infested Russia is, and I intend to move to Sweden, or Canada or somewhere else safer.


Sorry for that dude. This happens to anyone at some point in time. You can be scammed, you can be stolen from and the only thing you can get out of it is a hardcore lesson.
In life, there are people you just have to trust, your close friends and family.

Though it is always stated that your best friend can be your worse enemy. That doesn’t means your best friends are your worse enemy.

If you still had trust in your friends and family, I believe you were going to share about that hot deal with them. Which of course someone among them would had advised you to be careful because they were once/know people who were scammed on the internet.

Just be careful out there and get in mind not everyone is trying to get you. When ever you feel like something is not right about a particular person just tell them that you don’t thrust what is going on and just leave for a safer place.

Often than not, people who are scammed are those nice dude. They know that what is going on is unusual but will not react immediately because they don’t want to be seen as mean. There is nothing wrong telling someone that you don’t trust them once you observe some clue that seems unusual.

So, get back with your family and friends and try to be open minded this time.

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I agree! Apparently I was a thief as a preschooler. I would just collect cute pencils, erasers, sharpners etc. from my classmates. The funniest thing is I had no idea that I was stealing them. I thought I was just adding them to my collection. LOL! I got a good share of scolding for this from my mom when she caught me. And since then I haven’t tried stealing anything even if it’s something I find on the street :joy:


This reminds me of Big Bullies that used to attack me in primary school. A Bully stole pens from me, and he ate my lunch in front of me. I was so shy and silent, i could not report to teacher… On the final day of school after exams, two big bullies beat up my friend, and then turned to me and told me to ‘remove my shorts’. I just stood there and stayed quiet, so they left me alone.

I have too much of a conscience to do this, as I’ve also had things stolen from me. A girl went in my purse and stole my iPod in High School, admitted it to a mutual friend, and they reprimanded me for having it in the first place. (I used it on the bus).
I’ve only ever stolen by accident from Walmart. Both times my kids were really whiny and ready to go after a big grocery trip, the buggy was full, and I forgot to scan something. Once it was diapers on the bottom, I think the other time it was some ingredient that got lost under the bags I had already scanned. Didn’t realize until we had already left the store.

Geez man. I’m sorry. And also yes this is exactly why I too am very hesitant when a stranger approaches me. I feel bad that I feel threatened but also with stories like this, it just makes sense to keep your guard up. At least you’re safe and only lost your phone. I hope this never happens to you again!

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Lol I love it! Which country did you grow up in? :slight_smile:

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That’s awful! I always wonder how thieves sleep at night. I remember once stealing a few dollars from my dad’s pocket for buying beer when I was in highschool. But the guilt ate me alive :confounded: The next day I told my dad, and he said “I was waiting when you would show up.” That day, I swore I won’t steal ever!

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:laughing: :sweat_smile: :joy: :rofl: