Have you ever used an Expert Advisor (EA) before?

Have you ever used an expert advisor before and if yes what has been your experience?
With a movie John may watch it and conclude that it is absolute garbage while Sue may opine that it is the best movie she has ever seen. I have been hearing about EA’s for the longest while and decided to give it a try to see for myself what they were about. From my experience with two so far they are a lot worse than I am at trading. There are some free ones out there and I would urge everyone to try them out on a demo account just for the experience but be careful that you dont unwittingly download any malicious software.

Yes, I used and using EA’s, my experience are positive.

I hear to many horror stories to try. What’s your motivation to use them?

I too have heard horror stories about EAs but I have also heard people sing their praises. I just wanted to try for myself and form my own opinion. Just like how some people say forex trading is unsustainable and I have tried it and have found otherwise.

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The advantage of using EA (if profitable over time) is that it avoids the trader reacting adversely to emotional responses.

In fact, as I’m a computer nerd, I am looking to see if any tech person would put my profitable strategy onto an EA which could benefit both of us.

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I’m also using expert advisors and in fact they could be profitable if they’re backtested on robustness and not on curve fitting :wink:
But for all you beginners out there: You have to know what you’re Bot is doing and why it is doing this or that.
Trading with EAs looks easier than it is.
Ask experienced Bot Trader before you lose a lot of money.

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Yea that’s a good point. Try them for yourself. I can get with that.

I thought @Alg626 was doing some EA coding.