Have you guys heard of WikiFX?

Have you guys heard of WikiFX?

[WikiFX] set up the field survey team to inspect brokers on-site upon investors’ demand and present investors more details of the broker’s situation in reality. The service allows investors to inspect a broker from all dimensions and helps them in choosing a compliant broker and avoiding traps of illegal ones.

WikiFX field-survey team will first refer to broker’s regulatory information and the broker’s official website. Next, they will visit the broker according to the address in its regulatory information and conduct an all-round inspection of the broker, including its geographical location, office environment, company size and whether its situation in reality corresponds to website and regulatory information. After the visit, the team will release a detailed survey report of the broker on WikiFX website, offering investors reliable information to draw on in later investment.

What’s your opinion towards WikiFX?

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It looks safe, but is owned by someone, and people normally has a bias towards something…

Do you work for them?

I am also interested in the wiki fx. But, I do not trust to see reviews from the wiki fx, because the reviews are not intuitive and this website is Chinese. that, even less sympathy