Have you guys tried p2p with crypto?

Hellooo. :blush: So I’ve been reading around on different forums and I just found out that P2P crypto trading is pretty popular here in the PH vs the traditional exchanges. :sweat_smile: Have you guys tried this out? How was it?

What is it exactly? I haven’t heard about it?

Hmmm. :thinking: I’ve also never tried it myself. But rather than selling or transacting through the traditional exchange, you look for another person who will directly be buying your coins or selling theirs to you. :open_mouth: I’m not sure if that’s also a thing in other countries? But a lot of people do it here. :blush:

Is there a risk of encountering scammers when engaging in direct transactions like this, instead of using traditional exchanges? Like people trying to trick you into giving them money without giving you the cryptocurrency you wanted, or trying to take your personal info?

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That’s one of the risks involved, I think. :open_mouth: So they do pretty heavy research on the person they’re transacting with. :open_mouth: From what I’ve seen, they usually find each other on FB groups and they start talking about the transactions from there. :open_mouth: