Having problem with my MACD on MT4

Can not get my head around this…

When I add the MACD to a chart in MT4 I can only see one trend line?!

Eaven when I am trying to edit the Setting of the MACD, I still cant solve the problem…

Help, annyone? :stuck_out_tongue:


You’ve discovered something that is a well known problem. The built in MACD in MT4 is incorrect.

You can either browse around google and search for something like macd_correct.mq4, or you can use the OSMA indicator which is standard in MT4. OSMA actually is the same as the correct MACD.

Good trading

Thank god! Thought I was going insane there for while :wink:

I�ll Defenetly ceck out the OSMA instead

Thanks a million!

No problem.

Just change the settings to 12, 26, 9 as they are the standard MACD settings. I think OSMA is set to another value as standard.