Having trouble back-testing, and coding my system on Meta5

Hi everyone, so I’ve been trying to backtest my system, which is a tweaked version of Robopips crossover trading system but his system is set for 1-hour charts, as I use mine on daily charts only. So I’ve been forward testing this system for a while and have been making 3-6% a month (first picture below), but I just wanted to backtest the system see how it would do. So I downloaded Meta5, learned the basics and how to back-test. So I didn’t code robot myself on meta5 (I have limited coding knowledge) but I used their MQL5 wizard software, put in the same values for the indicators I’m using on my real trading account. In the picture below I have marked out signals I wait for to open a trade, not very different from Robopips system. I won’t go into my risk management or how many pips for SL and TP, because problem I’m having is when I set this system up in MQL5 and using their set up and they fill in the blanks of what indicators I’m using, so I noticed when I backtest the system obviously their programme is going to run EMA’s how they’re meant to be used. So when the SMA or EMA goes throw the candle it was opening trade but of course as I have two EMA’s it was either opening then closing or opening two trades, and I had more lost than profit (the second picture is from Meta5, you can see from the little red, blue arrow of where it thinks it should open the trades). This is expected because it not trading the system properly to how it’s designed to.
So is there any way I sort this while using their MQL5, or do I need to code it myself? It may seem like I’m in a rush to back-test, but it’s more of where to put my time into, because I either learn how to code, which would take up my trading time, or do I just forward test the system, but I would like to be able to backtest it because you can see what pairs it work better with and etc. So I’m not sure where to go from here, because the codes not coded to look for the crossover, but I have no idea how to change this.

If you have any experience with this as I have limited experience with Meta5, and any advice would be great thanks.

Happy pip hunting.

Edit: I noticed on the Meta5 chart you can’t really see the red and blue arrow, but I think I explained it well enough on what is happening, if not let me know and I’ll post a better picture as a comment on the thread.