Having trouble with fundamental analysis

HI people,

I m having so much trouble with fundamental analysis, because there is jsut so much stuff you can look up.

could one of you just tell me a step by step method of what you guys look for? Or do you guys just go on to a particular website and just see what articles are posted witin currency trade, thanks


I didn’t want to study and follow FA in my first year, but it is essential for successful trading. Read’em all til you find what you like, and find what reliable of course. If you don’t understand, read more until you do and keep it simple by trading one pair until you learn to see how and when the fundamentals play-out in the price and direction of the pair. Pick one pair to trade, stick with it and learn the fundamental basics of what drives each economy up or down and how that correlates to the pair. Good basic understanding of fundamentals will help your TA. Your hunches will become more educated and less of a gamble.