'Health Passport' App for COVID-19

This is a testing app launched to focus on decreasing the cost of testing and care for COVID-19 and other medical conditions.

If this is to be successful, this app will be required in every establishment in the near future. Seems like we’re not getting back to how it was before. This is the world we live in now.

What do you think about this?

Could be some for good, if it’s kept secure. I can think of plenty of places that would want trustworthy medical info about your Covid-19 status.

But, there’s also a ton of people who won’t be able to participate - everybody who doesn’t have a smart phone.

Can businesses require health screenings and medical info before providing service? I guess they can. And once a vaccine is out and being used, we’ll need a way to show that we got it.

Wasn’t there a passport in making for everyone who would have received a vaccine shot. It would allow them to travel unrestrictedly across borders.

In what country are they testing this app?

There was this.

I read some more local/regional areas in the US are doing similar health apps, but not so much focused on travel.

The times we live in. :frowning:There is no choice though, disease spread must be controlled.

The airlines will be one of the first industries to push this

It will be used by JetBlue, Lufthansa, Swiss International Airlines, United Airlines and Virgin Atlantic.

no !


It looks interesting. I would like to try it out for sure. I want a few more details about it.

I’m not a big fan of this but what choice do we have as passengers if airlines will require it before anyone travels. :confused:

Well, maybe it gives the airlines an out too, if somebody gets a plane load of people sick. This way they can move the blame to somebody else.

But it you want businesses back up, maybe this is reasonable, for now.

Right but isn’t that how the whole thing also starts. There’s a precursor and then someone (company/govt) takes it to a whole different level.

This is new to me. What’s with this health passport? Is this only for local or domestic places?

I doubt anyone knows anything at this point.