Health related issues

People working in night shifts generally face health related issues due to disturbed routine and target pressure. Recommend to me all the possible solutions to this problem so that the employee�s health is retained without affecting the output of the company.

piece of cake

double shifts during the hours of daylight, and NO night shift (which is usually lowered productivity anyway)

aside from that, one could hire a huge well muscled, tanned and oiled “overseer” with a large whip, similar to those on board greek ships, who set the cadence for the rowers with his whip — depending on the country youre working in, that “could” be a viable alternative.

best of luck “whipping” them into shape


I think you should talk to a professional about this, a forums not the best place for such ideas.

This is a forum for discussing forex trading. Your question is very interesting, but I’m afraid you’re in the completely wrong place.

Try asking on some medical or health forum instead.