Healthy trade and me

Hi, I’m a retired scientist played with nano particles and now started playing with candle sticks and their patterns. Nothing more needed for a profitable trade just like healthy cells for body;here candles for trade. Cool! Cells and their pattern make or unmake our body and here candles and their patterns make or unmake every trade! Be watchful of your cells health and you can be healthy and so candles for a profitable trades at all times.
Time in is important than timing any trade. It means all time are good while trading if your time in and out candlestick strategy is perfect or else you are in trouble! Isn’t it?

according to me, any kinds of trading strategy can be perfect and bring profit regularly if there is real money management , otherwise no way.

hello , peter. have you go through the whole post ?

Candlesticks can be difficult and different if you don’t understand it. For beginners, it could be frustrating and stressful. But I agree, nothing more is essential for a profitable trade, just like healthy cells for the body.