Heard of FX PIP ACTION ? - Signals group

Has anyone heard or dealt with FX PIP ACTION / JACKOB HAMISON.
They have signals group.
Also advertising of 50% return within 5 days i think.

If anyone can help if they any good ?

All signals services are not very good or borderline scam, I would be very careful of anyone saying that sort of return in a week.


Total bullshit scam.

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Better to light your money on fire before giving it away.

They are scammers, took $100 off me for investment then they blocked me on Telegram

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Please stay off and her investment program. is a scam and am a victim

Hello. I can confirm this is a total scam and I was a victim of them.

I sent them $200 via Skrill (now they removed this deposit option with Skrill, probably got banned and only accept cryptos). Was promised to received $400 within 3 days.

After 3 days, the guy - @themaitemann - who claims to be the content creator of FX PIPS ACTION deleted all the chat we had and blocked me. Of course without returning any money.

I contacted him again from another Telegram account, and did the same. Deleted everything and blocked me.

This is his free telegram group:


While he’s premium telegram channel is:


It’s another scam. He mostly copies signals from another channel called Day Finance.

Since I was a member of both, I could see that his signals were exactly the same of Day Finance and were sent just a few seconds after Day Finance.

Finally, he has another Telegram account, not sure if active or not:


If you can, please report his Telegram channel as SCAM. Since that is what he does:


Maybe, we’ll help someone else to get scammed by this little thief.

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Nope, never heard of them - and they seem dodgy tbf lol. Nobody should be promising a return in Forex, especially that high. I wouldn’t waste my money.

It seems enough people signalled this little thief as scam and Telegram updated his account with the SCAM badge. Anyway, only God knows how many other accounts he is using.

Already he had changed his previous account from @themaitemann to @maitemann1910

Don’t forget to signal his Telegram group as well for SCAM:


And be aware of his other Telegram account: