Hedging Variations

[B]SURE FIRE HEDGING (Read This First)[/B]

Upon analyzing, this strategy can be risky. But when used in the right time, it can generate consistent profits. The QUESTION IS WHEN to use this strategy. Combining with Volatility and Price Action can greatly reduce risk!!!

Here is an EA with added Volatility and Price Action Filters… Its has a free version (Worth to check)

Backtests done by the EA
Recovery Pro High Risk EurUsd Strategy | Myfxbook

Forward test done by the EA

Waiting for your insights about different strategies using the basic sure fire hedge.


Live accounts here

Interesting, this hedging method is good. when used on the right time!
EA also looks good for long term!

Yes guys. Timing is key!

Im testing this EA with many settings. Results are good in long term if used low risk.
100% winning trades!!!

yes, consistent gains.

We can use sure fire in manual if used in the support resistance zones.

interesting approach!

Looking at the ea, it is not a scalper.
And gains looks consistent :slight_smile:

Why aren’t those links working for me?

I don’t really get something with this sure-fire-hedging-thing, maybe someone can explain it to me.

How can you prevent the spread with increasing lots to eat up your profits?

Just a small example:

We trade EUR/USD with [B]30 pips TP and 60 pips SL[/B]. We put a [B]risk of 60$[/B] in this trade. So the first trade is [B]with 0.1 lot[/B].

Now some hedging-trades are kicking in. Let’s assume there are 5 additional trades, so after a sum of 6 trades, we hit our target. This would result in 30$ profit in theory.

But we have to pay the spread or commision for every trade, aren’t we? Let’s assume the spread to be 2 pips, so we have to pay 2 pips per trade.

The first trade is with 0.1 lot, so one pip is worthy 1$, this makes us pay 2$ for the spread, this isn’t really a problem.

But the following trades are growing bigger:

1st trade: 0.1 lot - 2$ spread
2nd trade: 0.2 lot - 4$ spread
3rd trade: 0.4 lot - 8$ spread
4th trade: 0.8 lot - 16$ spread
5th trade: 1.6 lot - 32$ spread
6th trade: 3.2 lot - 64$ spread

[B]summed up: 6.3 lot - 126$ spread[/B]

So the [B]30$ profit in theory ends up as a 96$ loss[/B]. Same goes for commisions.

Is there something wrong with my thinking? Do I miss something?

The strategy proves to work, time will tell.

This is the link to the EA right? it has a free demo available

Martingale variation, very dangerous.
Only on demo account.

The EA uses live account. Lets see how it performs


Hello friends

EA interests me. I will buy a copy and publish a myfxbook link
for those who are interested


I linked one of my live accounts using the EA. Lets see. I will update regularly


EA traded on GBPUSD, i turned it ON


Recovery Pro Multi Pairs (Semi Auto Mode) System by babysitter | Myfxbook

Trade successful in my live acount

Enabling EA on EURUSD

Here is my live account stats:
Recovery Pro Multi Pairs (Semi Auto Mode) System by babysitter | Myfxbook

Pendings placed on EU

Here is my live account stats:
Recovery Pro Multi Pairs (Semi Auto Mode) System by babysitter | Myfxbook

Orders of EA on EURUSD

Here is my VERIFIED LIVE ACCOUNT results:
Recovery Pro Multi Pairs (Semi Auto Mode) System by babysitter | Myfxbook