Helllo everyone newbie here

hello everyone my name is joseph and i am from Namibia. Africa.i was introduced to this website by a friend since i got no one to teach me how to trade .

i am forever ready and happy to start with my forex journey , nice to meet y’all.

Open a demo account with a regulated broker for practice, before going live. Fx trading is simple, you can open an order and also close it. That’s it. The challenge is to learn how to manage money to try and make profits larger than losses, which is what 85% of traders cannot do, because they cannot manage their emotional control. There is no Holy Grail system or short cut to success.

Best of luck.

demo is important but the result we get from our demo actually not works in a real account. this is the real problem.

the new Forex traders always try to skip the learning session that is a big mistake . with no learning there is no chnace to surive successfully.

this forum is full of education , i hope you will be benefited from this trading place. no doubt.

Most welcome Josep in this community , feel free to ask any question you need to know , its a very friendly forum we have in online. have a very good journey

Hi Joseph! How are things in Namibia? What’s it like there? It sounds beutiful from what I’ve seen on web / TV etc.

Hey, welcome to babypips. I am sure that you will enjoy your journey if you take it seriously. Work on your skills even when you have started to trade and ensure that you understand every bit of what you do.

Welcome to the community, Joseph. Start with the education section here. It’s the best place to start for beginners. Good luck on your fx trading journey.

Welcome Joseph! First thing you should do is to focus on learning and getting the required skills to be a profitable forex trader. Take your time and do not rush into trading with your real money. Good luck!

Hi to all guys!