Hello all i want to show u 2 EA for newbies

Dimitar Georgiev, [30.12.20 06:50]
1.Frequent trading to maximize profit opportunities
2.Full MT4 compatibility
3.Fully automated – just “Set-and-Forget”
4.Easy 5-Minute Installation
5.Intelligent Money-Management System
6.Drawdown Protection System
7.Precise Entry and Exit Trading Algorithms
8.High Spread Protection
9.Profit Protection System
10.Drawdown Reducing Algorithms
2 types of trade full auto and manually, i use full auto and im verry happy with it!
For Cent/Standart account minimum is:
Low Risk: 0.1 lots 5000$
Medium Risk: 0.1 lots 3000$
High Risk: 0.1 lots 2000$
Fixed Lots!
Auto Lots not recomended for newbie
myfxbook. com/members/muppbg/mt4-3020459/7599719

EUR Scalper
Simply a scalper that works only day time with a good set files for EUR-JPY EUR-USD EUR-GBP
Low Risk 1k500$ 0.01 lot 3 pairs
Medium Risk 700$ 0.01 lot 2 pairs
High Risk 400$ 0.01 lot 1 pair
myfxbook .com/members/muppbg/mt4-3020012/7599777
t. me/Fxeabg

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