Hello all - new here but always looking

I’m Allan, glad to meet you all. I have been a long time viewer of babypips site in general, but it’s finally time I stepped on this side :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

A few years of trading experience (off and on honestly), but I would definitely say I am still a very new trader and have many more mistakes ahead lol… hopefully not, but I’m looking to improve that with time!

I suggest you open a journal to record the process and outcome of every trade you make. Most mistakes arise from emotional attachment to every live trade.

Fear not, you cannot control what the market throws at you. All you can do is to ALWAYS close losing trades early, and nurse winning ones - suggest move S/L to breakeven, scalp c.50% profit, and follow up using a trailing stop.

Hope that helps.


hi and welcome in baby pips community.

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hope your trading journey will awesome , happy trading

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i wish , you will improve your trading skill very rapidly , have a very good journey on there.

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this is a good calculation , thanks for your nice post.

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Thanks steve, you are certainly right! Appreciate your tips.

Thank you all for the warm greetings!

Hi Allan! It’s great that you are now a part of this community. Make sure you learn from those mistakes. They are your real gurus. Best of luck with your journey!

Hi there, since you’re on and off, you should start by brushing up knowledge and skills. Hope you find a strong ground and make consistent profit soon. Stay patient and follow your heart. Best of luck!

Hello Allan, warm welcome to the forum. And I am impressed with the fact that you already have enough experience in trading but think that you have a lot left to learn and a long way to go. This kind of attitude can surely take you to success no matter what. All the best for your journey ahead!