Hello all - new member

Hi everyone… glad to join the site… looking forward to learning lots, and hopefully making some money.


You will need specialist skills to make money from FX trading. That could take you a year of hard work to become proficient. There is no short cut, and no guarantee of being profitable, ever.

That’s the reality. best of luck.

Welcome to the world of Forex Trading. Please feel free to ask as many questions as you want. At the same time, my suggestion to you will be to go through Learn Forex Trading at School of Pipsology - BabyPips.com to learn more about forex.

most welcome in this community , its a very good place for the traders who are particularly newcomers , have a very good journey.

hi and welcome

feel free to ask any question you need to know , its a very good forum and which is completely friendly.

Thanks all… im working my way through the babypips training as a refresher. My challenge has always been finding a successful strategy that is profitable over the long term. I’ve had mixed results with a wide range of strategies over the years, but never found one I was happy with. Any suggestions?