Hello am Wolph . Happy to be here

hello , am Olu( wolph) and am a new trader who just knows the basics and wants a community to grow together with. Wish you all success. :gift:

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That’s awesome! Welcome to babypips and I look forward to reading more posts from you! Are you testing out a new trading strategy?

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Hi! It’s nice to meet you. Wishing you the best of luck :four_leaf_clover:

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yes , i am .

Nice! What’s it based on? :slight_smile:

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SnD ,SnR, breaks and ema crossover. its simple and effective . obviously I enter trades after doing some trend and candle stick analysis. also I use something called WBB

Hi! Welcome to the platform! All the best! Btw, how did you come to know about babypips?

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thx. Just searching around google

What’s WBB? :slight_smile:

its a breakout strategy after a breakout ( choch) you draw a box around the breakout candles and wait for a breakout from that candle . if a breakout happens but it is a wick , the box just expands till a body candle breaks out then i enter a trade . remember price usually consolidates for a short time at a breakout. the wbb helps avoid false breakouts and helps enter at the right point avoiding liquidation

How do you set TP?

previous higher high or previous lower low but mostly a change of character choch

What is “choch”?

its a change of character . when a trends structure is broken