Hello babypippers!


I’m Lee, from the UK, currently in Malaysia.
I’ve been studying the FX market through babypips and various FX service providers such as DailyFX since early 2011 but stepped away due to work commitments from 2013 until a couple of months ago.

I’ve managed to create a trading plans, risk assessment and 3 trading strategies, one is swing trading, 2 are more smaller time frames but not scalping, but very much technical based trading.

I’m demo trading now with FXCM, generally I am happy with the platform and the dailyFX services, time is the biggest problem I have but this is only a short term issue. I am hoping to go live trading in the next 2-4 weeks with a view to trading on a more full time basis in 3 months when I’m back in the UK. Financially I can invest around 2K sterling to trade with.

Your opinions and feed back are most welcome

Happy trading!

Hi Lee! Welcome to our forex trading community. Best of luck in your live trading!

Hi Lee,

Welcome to BabyPips! :slight_smile:

Since you’re currently demo trading, you may be interest in this post I made recently about how demo trading can be used to prepare for live trading: 301 Moved Permanently