Hello babypippers!

Hello all!

About a month ago I accidentally clicked on some free demo binary options ad and I became hooked on paper-trading. I have since left the binaries in favor of CFDs as I attempt to soak up all the information I can find. The Pip-school is just amazing and I blasted through it in a few days. And this site is an honest breath of fresh air which helps to navigate the hostile waters with a lot of false information and scammers out there. For instance, after the ECB dropped interest rates my binary broker send me an e-mail claiming how he made money using bollinger bands showing a screenshot of trades at the time of the notice… and asking if he could teach me. luckily I already found this site by then and knew better.

Sadly my health has left me homebound for atleast the short term future. But this does mean that I have the time to really dig in to this, and hopefully I will get something very productive out of it. Swing trading sounds like the best idea as it will limit the time staring at charts. I do not intend to invest a penny until I find my strategy and I can be consistantly make a profit. And even then I want to slowly build my acount to see how I will deal with the psychologic aspects. Also I have some Python programming skills which I intend to put to good use here.

I am excited to become part of this community and learn a lot from you guys. And maybe in time you can from me.

Greetings from the Netherlands!

What a nice post. Welcome onboard!

En ik woon 17 km bij je vandaan… :slight_smile:

Feel free to PM if you have any questions.