Hello babypips community

I’m Nkemakola chibueze justin, and I’m a graduate in computer science from Ebonyi state University, Abakaliki, Ebonyi state, Nigeria. i have always love the trading platform since graduated, i have watched so many videos on youtube and learnt a lot about forex so why now is because i am prepared psychologically and mastered discipline and i feel I am ready begin the journey and my goals is to be a able to be financially free to uplift my family from poverty and also help people around me. i believe most of you know about Nigeria well, that’s me taking a bold step. I believe this community will help and guide me to achieving my dream and goals, thank you

Hi JustCrypto,
Welcome to the forum. Nigeria contains some of the most clever traders in the world. Their recent use of crypto currencies to enable global trade when the powers that be put so many barriers in place is a breath of fresh air. Congratulations on graduating in computer science. It is a transportable skill. I have revisited Forex for the fourth time in 15 years and my goals are to use trading as a risk mitigation tool for our interests in crypto currencies. This time around, I am very patient, and for the first time ever feel that I understand how not to lose money in Forex.

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I am really grateful for acknowledgement, thank you Mr. mondeoman. We are doing our best and we would work towards a greater portfolio! Indeed this a great platform for traders to reach out to one another. thanks once again

First of all, I really appreciate your bold step towards forex. Secondly, along with learning via lecture videos it is also important to practice trading. For this you can use any demo trading account. Finally, start with low budget and min leverage until you are well practiced with forex.