Hello, buddy. From Malaysia

Hi, I am from Malaysia.

Welcome :slight_smile:

Hello @cm1995! Welcome to Babypips! Are you just starting out or trading already? Hope to hear more from you! :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome :slight_smile:

Helloooo Southeast Asia neighbor! :blush: I’m from the Philippines! :smiley: Welcome to BP! :slight_smile:

Hey, fella from Malaysia. It’s pretty laconic greeting, I like it) I hope you like it here on the forum, feel free to ask anything. Good luck exploring the forum, you’re gonna do well))

Hello and welcome to the BabyPips community!
I am your friendly neighbor from Singapore. :wink:

Are you just starting out or already started trading on a live account?

Welcome to the babypips community.

Welcome to BabyPips @cm1995. Are you going through the school or trading already?

No yettttt trading

Hi and Welcome,
Babypips is a great forum to start off with your trading journey.
Wish you luck!

Hello buddy, welcome to the forum