Hello colleagues traders

Hello traders! My name is Peter and I’m from Munich. I’ve been trading for 5 years and have had my fair share of successes and challenges. I’m excited to share my experiences and learn from all of you. Using the Price Action methodology, I was able to increase my deposit from 500 to 3000 euros. My preferred currency pairs are GBP/USD, EUR/USD, and USD/JPY.


Hi and welcome in BP community :slight_smile:

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Welcome. Could you share over what time frame you made those gains? Excellent results!

Greetings, thank you for such a warm welcome to the community.

A few words about the result.

I have achieved this result in about a year of trading. I traded GBP/USD pair, which I chose because of its volatility. The goal was to increase my deposit by 2.5% per day.

Hi, and welcome.
That is an extraordinary result. Congratulations.

Have you been able to determine whether this is a consistent performance, or whether one or two outliers contributed to most of that profit?

Do you think the next year may result in a similar performance (i.e., from Euro 3K to Euro 15K?). Or if not what is your target capital for next year?

Keep up the good work.

Welcome to the forum, Peter! It’s great to have you here sharing your trading journey with us. Looking forward to hearing more about your strategies and experiences!

Hello and welcome, Peter! Looking forward to hearing more about your trading experiences. See you around!

Any more details about how you trade, when, how long your trades are open? I wonder if you’re scaling or if your strategy is completely discretionary.

hello fellow trader, welcome here

Welcome too and you’re a School of Pipsology graduate! How long did it take you to finish the course?