Hello darlings!

Newbie here, trying to make some extra money to out a deposit on a house and start a family!

I could say robbing a bank would be easier, but the mods won’t like that approach. FX trading is speculative, and the reality is most newbies lose money, despite social media marketing fantasy telling newbies the FX market sidewalks are paved in gold - just help yourself.

Learn first and foremost. best of luck…

Hello, a good plan can make you rich in this market.

Making money is not an easy task in this risky market.

Very nice objective, if you are realistic about what forex can bring you, it can be a great way to attain it.

I’m also a total newbie and I plan to complete the “Shcool of Pipsology” in the incoming months.

If you want to team up with me to complete this challenge, feel free to PM me :slight_smile:

Welcome and best of luck

Hi and welcome :slight_smile:

It’s a good start but I hope you know that it’ll take time. Trading needs patience and learning and without that you cannot earn profits consistently.