Hello every one

Hi there …:5:
how are you Doing every one ?
My Name is Ali I’m 26 years old from Iraq
and you can say that im new to trading i Entered the baby pips website because it is recommended by my boss
i’m working in a Forex Company
so accept my best regards every one
special thanks for babypips Team
Have a nice Day

Hello Ali!
Nice to hear that you are working for a certain forex company
Yes,babypips is well recommended especially for forex newbies.

Welcome to BabyPips, Ali! :60: Please feel free to ask if you need help with anything. :wink:

Pipzilla :44:

Thank you gerski :slight_smile:

Thank you dear pipzilla :60:
be sure that i will :wink:

Welcome Ali. Glad to see you are working for a Forex company. See you around buddy. Good luck

welcome too,Ali!Nice to have your here at babypips.Hope we can learn and share from each other members here.

All the best wishes to you mate, hope you have good luck

Thanks Alot brendad,
i think we all need the good luck here
see you around buddy T.C

Thank you rayne … that’s why we are here to give each other the informationg that we got about forex
thank you again

thank you mate …

Hi there and welcome to babypips!

hi ivanyo … thank you very much dear :60: