Hello Everybody

Greetings to one and all.

My interest in trading has gradually been resurrecting itself over the past few weeks. Partly due to a silly trading app I decided to download.

Anyway, I used to trade a few years back (2008/10 I think) mainly stocks, with limited success; never made much, never lost much either.

I find markets fascinating, sort of, and have been rekindling my interest. Reading a few books, watching what the markets are doing, and of course, I’ve worked through the BabyPips course.

There seems to be lots more out there — and by that I mean, in this here internet thing — than there ever used to be. This site looks particularly good.

I’m not sure if I want to actually trade again, but Forex looks tempting. I look forward to discussing the crazy world trading with you all.

CandleStuck (London)


Welcome Candle stuck!

it is a great community! Plenty to learn at BPs. I’m sure others will be stopping by soon!

You should check out the school of pipsology under the education tab; chock full of information!

See you around,


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Hi @CandleStuck! :smiley: Super welcome to this super amazing community. :smiley: Looks like you’ve had experience in other financial markets so maybe we could see how we could also apply those to forex trading! :blush: Good luck to us!

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One of the traders I follow started trading stocks with limited success as well. Now he’s teaching forex courses to students, so give it a try! You never know what you’re good at until you try it out

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Thanks for the warm welcome everyone!

Hi and welcome

Similar story to me. I recently joined and got back into trading after trading for a bit in 2011-12.

Good luck

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Thanks. I guess we always go back to it eventually…

Why not give demo trading a go? Get your feet wet, see if it gets the hairs on your neck sticking up again, and… all you need to spend is time! Pretty easy, low barrier to get in and play some. And you get a community to shoot the sh… with.

Says me with 3 posts.

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Demo account — hmm…Maybe.

I’ll look around at some brokers, which is often a mine field at the best of times. Although I suppose a demo account can be opened with whoever.

Watch this space…

Forex.com and Oanda and thinkorswim (TDAmeritrade) offer accounts in the US. Get on that. Ha!


Hey CandleStuck,

if you’ve been trading stocks you might want to check out options trading and binary options. It’s fun :slight_smile: You can trade options with Forex too. I found it fascinating how Warren Buffet made his billions with naked options trades xttps://wealthfit.com/investing/naked-options-vs-covered-options/

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Agree with @justshell. You never know, fx might be a better fit. :slight_smile:

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