Hello Everybody!

Hi everybody, I’m new here. I was on ForexFactory.com but the moderator was an idiot who kept moving my posts and intervening every time I posted something. In fact that was my second username at forex factory, the first time I got permanently banned just cos I ASKED if anyone had used a certain trading robot (No I didn’t provide an affiliate link or any link whatsoever) and he just permanently banned me forever.

I hope baby pip’s moderator isn’t an ** **** %$&%^& like this cos it really pisses me off

Anyway hello all this looks like a good forum with lots of smart people

Hi bro … :wink:

Ha! You responedd to one of my forex factory posts yesterday! U get booted off too?

No… :slight_smile: (10 characters msg)

I just got an email from FF saying I’ve been “temporarily suspended” Oh well… :rolleyes:

I like this forum. Seems more laid back and not full of bloated egos like FF, I also like the way the posts go backwards and the most recent is shown first, makes more sense esp. for a fast-changing market like FX